The South Australian Riverland is renown for its citrus growing so an oversized orange sitting amongst a parking lot overlooking the Murray River wouldnt seem too out of sorts now would it? Berri’s “Big Orange” is another iconic Aussie BIG thing but unfortunately this one is locked behind closed gates for now and can only be viewed from the road.
The orange itself was opened on the 14th of January 1980, and at 15m tall and 12m wide it once held claim to be “the largest sphere in the Southern Hemisphere”. This giant fruit is the largest of Australia’s BIG fruit things and with its steel frame and fibreglass walls weighs in at 15 tonnes! When it was in operation this very large orange was a cafe, a lookout, a souvenir shop and a function room and contained a 360 degree murual on its indaide walls.
There is hope that this Riverland icon will once again open its doors to visitors but for now it is still a pretty impressive sight as you drive from Berri to Renmark ( or vice versa).

At a Glance
Where : The Big Orange is located on the Old Sturt Highway just north of Berri SA
Cost : The Big Orange is currently closed but can still be viewed from the road