Driving through the quiet little southern Flinders Ranges town of Wilmington you may notice a few things like the manaquin enjoying a drink at the hotel and a Toy Musuem with Land Rovers parked out the front. What on earth is a toy museum doing in such a sleepy little town? Well we wondered the exact same thing and were intrigued as to what was held within it’s walls.wilmington toy museum

wilmington toy musuemWe were greeted at the front door by the man behind this amazing collecting of collectable toys David Christie. Inside we found toys and board games that we hadn’t seen for years. What we had found was a large collection of Meccano, hundreds of toy cars, board games from absolute years ago and so many things that made us go ” I remember that”!

For the small enter fee it was definitely worth the step back in time to our earlier childhood days. wilmington toy museumCharlie and Jordan marvelled at David’s amazing array of toy cars, and we could see their little hands itching to play with them.

On asking David why he had started this collection over 40 yrs ago he simply replied , ” I never grew up” . Fair enough reason and do you know what , were glad he didn’t , his collection was quite unique. And by the looks of the visitors book we aren’t the only ones who agree.

The Wilmington toy museum can be found on the Main Street of Wilmington SA. An interesting place to visit if you are in the area that may just bring back a few childhood memories!

At A Glance
Where: 33 Makn St. Wilmington SA
Cost: $4 per adult
Contact: (08) 8667 5276

wilmington toy museum