naracoorte cavesWhat an amazing place to spend an afternoon with our two little explorers. Our boys ( like many other 2 & 4 yr old boys) are so fascinated with dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show them the display at the  Wonambi Fossil Centre and the World Heritage listed Limestone Caves at Naracoorte. The looks on their faces when they were greeted with the life size replica of Australia’s own “megafauna”, or as dad called it “a rather enormous wombat”, on the grass as you walk up to the centre was amazing.



Wonambi centreAs you enter the main foyer of the fossil centre there is so much information and a couple of rather menacing looking creatures there to great you. We went through the time tunnel display which is spectacular, they have recreated what Naracoorte would have looked like 200,000 years ago. The lights, sounds and animatronics all bring this very informative and breathtaking display to life. We must add that it was a little scary at first for the boys but once they realised they weren’t real they had an awesome time and especially loved crawling through the kiddies tunnel (fun for the big kids too if your not afraid of tight spaces).

Say CHEESE!!!!

Say CHEESE!!!!

The  Naracoorte caves are of such significant importance as they hold some of the most complete fossils from up to 500,000 yrs ago and have been studied to discover the geological and evolutionary history of Australia. The limestone caves have acted as traps over the years and have collected some of Australia’s very own prehistoric creatures known as megafauna. These have been found in the 21 different fossil deposits within the park. wet cave

There are a handful of cave walks and guided tours on offer here as well to really help you understand how unique and amazing these caves are and just why they are world heritage listed. There are even night tours with bat shows to really add an impressive end to a visit to this incredible area.

wet caveWe decided to do the wet cave walk as we were only spending the afternoon here before setting up camp, and what an amazing experience it was. Walking down the staircase into the dark cave that just seemed to open up into a never ending space then continuing down into a darker and deeper passage was amazing. The wet cavetemperature, which may have been a mild to hot 33c outside, was considerably cooler just like being in an air conditioned lounge-room. Charlie and Jordan didn’t want to leave they just loved the place and they even wanted to setup camp down there! Charlie said it was so nice and cool and so much fun and that it would be a great place for the camper as there was heaps of shade. Trying to reason with a 4 year old and explain that we couldn’t get the camper trailer down the stairs was a hard task for a few minutes until he decided to reply “we have a swag”.

The other, caves besides The Wet Cave, that are open for discovery are Alexandra cave, Blanche Cave and Victoria Fossil Cave. We cant wait to get back to this amazing and intriguing location and to hopefully even do a bat tour at night!

The kids tunnel in the fossil centre

The kids tunnel in the fossil centre

Make sure you stop in and experience this incredible place for yourself, it certainly won’t leave you disappointed and the kiddies will love it too! And if you love a good bush camp, Black Cockatoo Bush Camp is just on the other side of town and is an amazing property to set up camp and explore the region from. Check out our post HERE.

At a Glance:

Where: Naracoorte National Park just outside of Naracoorte SA
Cost: Check out their website HERE for prices and opening hours

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